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Project Manager

Company Asean-Works
Posted 15-02-2019
Closing date 15-06-2019
Term Full time
Category Architecture/Engineering
Location Phnom Penh
Salary USD -- USD
Year of Experience
Number of hire
Sex Male/Female
Job level
Job Responsibilities:
• Prepare a clear development brief in respect of the Project’s quality, cost and time requirements and limitations.
• Provide advice in site selection, if applicable.
• Consult the relevant authorities to determine the infrastructure and development constraints imposed on the site and surrounding physical environment.
• Prepare and carry out the initial viability studies and if necessary, engage the relevant professionals or specialists if the studies involve design, especially at a conceptual or early schematic level.
• Advise on the procurement strategy.
• Co-ordinate activities on legal matters.
• If necessary, liaise with relevant parties on methods of development financing, publicity, acquisition, valuation and disposal of land and property.
• Complete and submit the feasibility report to the Employer, make presentations to the Employer on the development concept, preliminary program, budget and key constraints.
• To identify development options and provide evaluation and recommendation based on cost, time and any other criteria as specified by the Employer.
• Develop the master program in consultation with the Employer and the principal consultant. The program showing the overall time-basis for all phases of development will be used to monitor the progress of the Project.
Design Management Services
• Assist the Employer in the design development process to achieve the project time, cost and value objectives.
• Reviewing in collaboration with the Employer and the principal consultant, the adequacy of the development plan.
• Monitoring all necessary applications for planning and building approvals with government bodies.
• Monitoring design work progress and liaison between consultants.
• Monitoring of project’s overall master program and cost.
• Convening of special meetings among consultants for program and budget tracking purposes.
• Contract Documentation Services
• Close monitoring and co-ordination of all appointed consultants.
• Monitor the consultants’ submission of planning and building approvals and permits.
• Advising the Employer on the consultants’ recommended contractual arrangements and packaging.
• Monitoring the preparation of contract documentation.
• Advising the Employer on the evaluation and analysis of tender done by the consultants.
Contract Management Services
• Monitoring and streamlining post-contract administration and procedures.
• Continue monitoring of all works by the team of consultants and contractors.
• Initiating and directing of the maintenance of efficient expenditure control systems.
• Managing the Project to meet the time, cost and quality objectives.
• Monitoring of overall site construction with the view of forecasting problems for their prevention.
• Close monitoring of all potential cost and time variations to the contracts.
• Recommending payments to contractors and consultants.
Post Construction Management Services
• Monitoring actions taken by contractors and consultants to achieve targeted completion dates.
• Monitoring of receipt of all necessary as-built drawings, operation and repair manuals, and all guarantees and warranties by the consultants to the Employer.
• Monitoring of defect rectification during the Defects Liability Period.
• Monitoring and negotiating on the Employer’s behalf, if necessary, the main contract final
Job Requirements:
• Possess a Bachelor degree of the relevant field.
• Having at least 4 to 5 years’ experience in the construction field
• Possess excellent communication skills, both written and oral and able to communicate his/her ideas visually, verbally, and in writings.
• Possess a keen interest for the details of specific tasks, combined with an understanding of how such specifics fit in with the project as a whole and paying attention to details and consistency.
• Willing to work long hours, under time and budget pressure as well as having the leadership to work well within a team of other professionals.
• Possess strong mathematical, project management, problem-solving and planning skills, including the ability to juggle multiple tasks such as to convey marketing messages through his/her architectural work.
• Familiarity with photography, and the latest technology, such as advanced knowledge in WordPress 3 and web designing skills.
Contact Person
Address 2nd Floor KEY Real Estate Building #108, St 245, ABCD, Mao Tse Toung, Toul Tompong 2, Chamkarmorn.
Phone 012 846 222 / 095 555 682
Email [email protected]