Head of English

Company New World School
Posted 19-10-2017
Closing date 01-12-2017
Term Full time
Category Education/Training
Location Phnom Penh
Salary USD -- USD
Year of Experience
Number of hire
Sex Male/Female
Job level Middle
Job Responsibilities:
- Manage and evaluate the teachers’ performance
- Create lesson plans and strategies for school and the study courses
- Set goals for each term
- Get feedback from students
Job Requirements:
- The ability to inspire and lead
- Planning and management skills
- The ability to communicate in both Khmer and English
Contact Person
Website http://www.newworldschool.n
Address ផ្លូវ វេងស្រេង ភូមិ ត្រពាំងថ្លឹង សង្កាត់ ចោមចៅ ខណ័្ឌ ពោធិ៍សែនជ័យ។
Phone 092 999 317 / 016 999 31
Email hr_nws@yahoo.com