Marketing and PR Executive

Company Pachem Dental Clinic
Posted 20-10-2017
Closing date 01-12-2017
Term Full time
Category Marketing
Location Phnom Penh
Salary USD -- USD
Year of Experience
Number of hire
Sex Male/Female
Job level Middle
Job Responsibilities:
- Design and develop marketing materials, e.g. corporate brochure, articulating brochure, personal and practice group profiles, website.
- Develop and integrate marketing activities across service areas, e.g. logo, templates for request for proposals, PowerPoint, etc...
- Monitor production of marketing materials to ensure consistency and appropriateness
- Liaising and building relationships with a range of stakeholders, e.g. customers, suppliers and colleagues
- Develop and implement the firm’s public relations program, to include internal and external publications (e.g. newsletters, client alert, greeting cards, etc.) that
enhance awareness of the firm
- Develop and implement the firm’s advertising program- design and place advertisements, negotiate contracts with media, work with design agencies on
advertising campaigns
- Evaluate marketing campaigns
- Elaborate the marketing strategy of the company based on sales analysis, market trends and technical constraints in accordance with company’s missions
- Research and development (analysis, economic, market trend)
- Build up marketing plan in accordance to the strategy by setting up objectives and sales targets
- Analyze the market expectation for online products and services
- Quality control of online products and services (in the whole value chain)
- Organize events to develop the public awareness of online products and services
- Monitor closely the key indicators: Business generated, product released to the market, etc…
- Monitoring competitor’s activity.
Job Requirements:
- At least Bachelor degree in Marketing and related field
- Minimum 2 years working experience in Marketing, Sale, or Public relation
- Good command of English and other foreign language, an advantage
- Good interpersonal skill and problem solving skill
- Dedication, creativity, and flexibility
- Work under pressure and self-motivation
- Good attitude, personality and honesty
- Computer Microsoft office.
Contact Person
Address #170ABC, Norodom Blvd (North of Chamkarmon Traffic Light), Phnom Penh,
Phone Phone/Fax: (855) 23 996 888 H/P: 070 851 295 / 012 267 226