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ID 11608
Contact Person
Phone 069 900 995
Contact email
Address A: 2nd Floor KEY Real Estate Building #108 ABCD, Mao Tse Toung, Toul Tompong II, Chamkarmorn
Company Description

Company Jobs
Title Location Closing date
PHP Developer Phnom Penh 05-16-19
Architect Phnom Penh 05-16-19
Database Administrator Phnom Penh 05-16-19
Safety Officer Phnom Penh 05-16-19
Senior Sales Supervisor Phnom Penh 05-16-19
Supply Chain Operations Manager Phnom Penh 05-16-19
Marketing Manager Phnom Penh 05-16-19
Sale and Marketing Manager Phnom Penh 05-16-19
Translator Phnom Penh 05-16-19
Marketing Supervisor Phnom Penh 05-16-19
Product & Purchasing Manager Phnom Penh 05-16-19
Project Manager Phnom Penh 06-15-19
Senior / Administrative Assistant Others 05-11-19
Sale Online Phnom Penh 05-11-19
Sales Project Officer Phnom Penh 05-11-19
Corporate Sale Supervisor Phnom Penh 05-11-19
Sales and Marketing Supervisor Phnom Penh 05-11-19
Sales Manager Others 06-08-19
Cash Collector Phnom Penh 05-08-19
Receptionist Phnom Penh 05-08-19
Sales executive Phnom Penh 05-08-19
Cleaner Phnom Penh 05-08-19
Field Manager Phnom Penh 05-08-19
Warehouse Supervisor Phnom Penh 05-08-19
Driver Phnom Penh 05-08-19