This coruse is customize training

This training will highlight:
  • Motivational workplace coaching techniques
  • Practical skills for mentoring staff
  • Effective communication skills
  • How to motivate yourself and other Staff
  • How to coach top performers
  • How to equip others with peak performance skills and develop pro-action plans
At the end of this training, you will learn to:
  • Evaluate techniques for coaching, counselling & mentoring
  • Utilise motivational coaching techniques in the workplace
  • Develop practical counselling skills to use with staff
  • Communicate more effectively at all levels
  • Comprehend the concepts and appropriate methodology of mentoring
 Who should attend?
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Management Professionals
  • Management Staff
  • Line Managers
  • Technical Managers
  • All Professionals at all levels who want to become effective at coaching and motivating others
  • HR or Training Staff
  • Anyone required to coach or mentor others
Special Material Provided:
  • Two books: about Leaders in the modern generation and motivation book
  • Handout and reading booklet
  • Benchmark roadmap report after class
Please contact to us for customize training 012 846 222 | 069 900 995 or